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Is FAP Turbo A Scam?  Will FAP Turbo Make Me Real Money?  Should I Download FAP Turbo?  Does The FAP Turbo Robot Really Put Forex Trading On Autopilot?  Should I Buy FAP Turbo?

Be A Fly On The Wall As I Test The FAP Turbo Forex Robot And Give You A Real FAP Turbo Review To See If It Lives Up To The Claims!

Date Reviewed: Jan. 2, 2009

Unfamiliar With This Amazing
"Real Money Forex Robot"?

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FAP Turbo is an automated Forex Robot that completely puts your Forex Trading on autopilot.  It is programmed to make trades for you that maximize the possibility of winning trades while simultaneously reducing the possibility of losing trades.  This is the true way to consistent, predictable profits in the currency market!

It has been hailed as the "most advanced live trading Forex Robot in existence..."

FAP Turbo Video: Why I Bought FAP Turbo

Why I bought FAP Turbo Why I Bought FAP Turbo

In this video you'll learn...

* Why I started looking for "alternative" ways to make money
* Why I initially got interested in Forex Trading
* The main reason FAP Turbo caught my eye
* What I'm going to do with FAP Turbo before going LIVE

FAP Turbo Video: First Impressions Of FAP Turbo

Firts Impression of FAP Turbo
First Impressions Of
FAP Turbo

In this video...

* A Free Look Inside The Members Area
* How easy it is to set up and get started
* High Quality Video Instructions
* Why you should use a DEMO account first

FAP Turbo Video: FAP Turbo Independent Backtests

FAP Turbo EURGBP Backtest
Backtest Results

In this video...

Backtest from 1/1/2003 to 12/31/2008

$10,000.00 Investment
$435,656.00 Net PROFIT!

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FAP Turbo EURCHF Backtest
Backtest Results

In this video...

Backtest from 1/1/2003 to 12/31/2008

$10,000.00 Investment
$3,266,147.00 Net PROFIT!
(Yea, more than 3 million!)

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FAP Turbo Video: FAP Turbo Demo Tests

I'm in the process of testing FAP TURBO using a Demo Account and will be posting my results here.  While I am thoroughly impressed with the FAP Turbo robot so far, I recommend testing ANY Forex strategy, software, Expert Advisor or system with a Demo Account before switching to a LIVE account.

Since testing with a Demo Account is done in real time, it does take a while.  I suggest you get FAP Turbo today and start conducting your own Demo Test.  The faster you are confident with FAP Turbo, the sooner you can switch to a LIVE account and start making REAL money!

As you may or may not know, the creators of FAP Turbo release a new version of the trading robot every month to keep it as profitable as possible while reducing risk.  (This is a FREE update for all customers!)  I am currently testing Version 36.  Since I hooked up the most recent version, the Robot has been making some great trades on the EURGBP and EURCHF currency pairs!

31 Trades in 2 days
8 Losers

2 days isn't enough to make a definitive decision, but if FAP Turbo keeps up the great trading, I'll be going LIVE very soon!

FAP Turbo Review

** The Forex Market is a tremendous opportunity to make money and create wealth.  FAP Turbo levels the playing field and lets even a complete beginner profit in this exciting market.  There is no need to spend 10 years learning the Forex Market before profiting from it!

** FAP Turbo works on autopilot.  Once you set it up, it does all the trading for you (as long as your computer is connected to the Internet).  The only thing you have to do is watch your account grow and update your FAP Turbo version once a month.  (This is a PLUS, because the programming is constantly updated and improved to make the most profit with the least risk under CURRENT market conditions!)

** There are many LIVE accounts that prove FAP Turbo works!  You can see these on the Fap Turbo website and also in the countless FAP Turbo success stories on the Forum in the members area.

Bottom Line: FAP Turbo makes you money!

** You'll be tempted to mess with the settings.  There is a set up video in the Members Area that teaches you how to set up FAP Turbo.  Some of you might be tempted to change some of the setting looking for bigger and faster profits.  This puts you at greater risk.

The only settings I would change are to use the recommendations of Charles A. Floyd II, which can be found in the members area... this is what I've done an the results are excellent!

** FAP Turbo only works when the Metatrader4 platform with FAP Turbo attached is connected to the Internet.  (This is the case with any EA you use).  However, you can always use a VPS (Virtual Private Server) if you don't want to keep your computer on.


Get FAP Turbo today and start putting it through its paces.  Set it up with a Demo account first to check it out.  Run your own Backtests.  And then when you are confident with the results... GO LIVE!

Every test I've done so far has lead me to believe FAP Turbo delivers on its promises and I'm looking forward to making REAL money using this amazing Forex Robot!

100% Money Back Guarantee

FAP Turbo comes with a FULL 60 day 100% money back guarantee.  This is plenty of time to download the Forex Robot, set it up and run your own tests.  If you don't like the results you get, you can ask for your money back -
No Questions Asked!